Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rainy Season

It's rainy season now in Kyushu.

Image: kimubert (Flickr)

Today it's not rainy at all. It's very sunny and hot! During rainy season, the hydrangeas bloom. They're called agisai in Japanese. There are many different types of hydrangeas!

Here's a video about the ajisai train, in Hakone, Japan.

How about you? Does your country have a rainy season? What's your favorite thing about rainy season?


  1. Hi Barbara, I would like my students to see this blog. What do you suggest? I thought of copying the URL in the introductory post where I have posted other links. I would like them to answer to your question and learn about the weather in other countries, too.
    Thank you

    1. It would be better if direct them to my class blog:

      The same post is there. This blog really is just my playground :)

  2. Barbara,

    Just for a few seconds, I was totally confused if I was at your playground or mine :-) We selected the same background for our blog. That's why ! And I say "Cool!"

    Well, I like rainy season for I love hydrangea. They are in full bloom now and so amazingly gorgeous. My town got a huge shrine and there are hundreds of hydrangea in bloom now.
    It also reminds me of Seattle, my college days. I was young, wild and free. I am still free in so many ways and young at heart. But not as wild as I used to be :-)